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Bayou Bling by JC

Superhero on Board Decal

Superhero on Board Decal

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All Decals will come in white permanent vinyl.
Sizes will come in 5x5 or 5x8 if the image is rectangle
Decals will also come with transfer paper & instructions.

Instructions listed below too.

  • Clean area you wish to place the decal on.
  • Make sure area is clean and dry.
  • Use a credit card or some similar to make sure the transfer tape sticks to the decal.
  • Carefully pull the transfer tape from the decal.
  • Decal should now be on the transfer tape, ready to put on window (Plan carefully, once decal is on, it is stuck)
  • Place transfer tape with decal on the prepped area, use the same item to rub the transfer tape to the window. Rub around the decal, you can also you your fingers to apply better pressure.
  • Once you think the decal is on, carefully remove the transfer tape from the window. Leaving the decal on the window. 
  • If decal does not stay on window longer than 30 days, please contact us for a replacement. Car wash should not affect the decal.
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